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You can integrate Amplitude with Treasure Data to enhance data, add more data points, and to integrate the data Amplitude collects with all the other parts of your marketing stack.

You use this same connector to create and export Amplitude Events. See Exporting Event Data to Amplitude (BETA) .

Integrating Amplitude with Treasure Data makes it easy to:

Add new features to Amplitude. As an example, you can use Treasure Data to unify Amplitude behavior data with customer data from Salesforce, creating personally identifiable records with cross-device behavior tracking.

Add new features to Amplitude.

Use data collected from Amplitude to make the rest of your marketing stack smarter. For example, you can use Treasure Data and Amplitude to reduce churn by setting up automated triggers to create segments based on usage and feeding them into custom nurture funnels in Marketo.

Use data collected from Amplitude to make the rest of your marketing stack smarter.

If you don’t have a Treasure Data account yet, contact us so we can get you set up!

Table of Contents

Connecting to Amplitude using the Treasure Data Console is quick and easy. Alternatively, you can use a command line interface to create connections. (For instructions to connect using the command line, click here. )

Go to Settings -> Projects and get your API Key and Secret Key, which you need for the next step.

API Key Secret Key,

Go to Connections -> Sources Catalog and click on the Amplitude tile.


Enter your API Key and Secret Key and click Continue.

Secret Key Continue.

Give your connection a descriptive name and select Create Connection.

Create Connection.

Select the Amplitude connection you created in Connections -> My Connections.

Click on New Transfer.

New Transfer.

Enter the start time in the format YYYYMMDDTHH and click Next.

You’ll see a preview of your data. Click Next.

If you are creating a new database, check Create new database and give your database a name. Do the same with Create new table

Create new database Create new table

Select whether to append records to an existing table or replace your existing table.

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